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How to export STLs from a Carestream Scanner or send a scan through CS Connect

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 03:44PM EST
Clients with a CS3600 have access to use CS Connect.  If your office has never used CS Connect, you will need to contact Carestream support to have it installed.  You will need to do this before March 2018 in order to get it without a charge.

Once you have CS Connect or if you already have it installed, simply:

1- Right click on the scanned file in Carestream Imaging and select "Export to STL" option and send the STL to any location on the network.

2- After you Export the STL file - Create an EasyRx prescription and upload the file to the Rx from the [uploads] tab on the Prescription Workspace. 

This will ensure your lab gets the Rx form and the STL file(s) in one package, helping expedite your order when you submit the Rx.

OPTIONAL- You can use this method if the lab you are submitting your case to is Registered with Carestream to receive scans through CS Connect

Click "Export to CS Connect" Provide CS Connect Credentials (Username / Password)

3- Attach any notes and additional images and upload to selected laboratory (See below)

Once you submit the scan through CS connect, you can go to EasyRx to create and Submit the Rx form through your EasyRx account. When you go to Submit, it will ask you for a 'Model Source'. Simply choose "Other" source and indicate "Sent through CS Connect" or "CS Connect portal" so the lab knows where to go fetch your scans for that case. 


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