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Labs - Enable Pay for Practice for Per Script Plans

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 11:01AM EDT
What is "pay for practice"?

"Pay for practice" is a feature built into all EasyRx lab accounts that allows your lab to optionally cover all or a certain percentage of practice's EasyRx fees for their plan vs. the practice paying out of pocket. By default this feature is not enabled.

Enabling Pay for Practice on Per Script Plans on Practice Invite

With our recent update in September, Labs can now enable Pay for Practice for Per Script Subscription Plans when inviting a practice to signup for EasyRx. Additionally, practices are no longer required to enter a credit card if a lab is enabling Pay for Practice Per Script Plan for the practice. Our hope is this makes it easier for you to on-board new practices to a Per Script plan to submit cases to your lab. 

Here is how it works:

When inviting a practice to signup for EasyRx, if you are choosing to enable Pay for Practice, check the checkbox to enable Pay for Practice on a Per Script plan:

When the invite is set, you'll see this message: 

The Pay for Practice screen looks like this:

The Invitation Email now includes language explaining the lab has enabled Pay for Practice:

When the practice validates their account and logins, a message is displayed explaining the lab has enabled Pay for Practice for them.  You'll notice the Payment Method is blank.

If the practice chooses to upgrade their plan to a Standard or Premium plan, they are prompted for a credit card.  You can always go back in and enable Pay for Practice on their Standard or Premium plan if you would like to continue to pay for their Standard or Premium Plan:

This feature is available effective with the September, 2017 EasyRx update for new invitations. Existing practices already on a Per Script plan can't be invited.

All lab plans, Connected, Standard, Premium, Enterprise, have access to this feature.

As always, we can be reached via phone or email with questions. If you'd like to enable Pay for Practice for an existing EasyRx user that is already connected with your lab, read here. 

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