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What's New January 2017

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017 08:55PM EST
Welcome to the January 2017 What's New Update.  We hope the new year is off to a good start for everyone.  We are jazzed about 2017!   Let's get started with the big announcement from last week:

The entire EasyRx team is very excited  about this news and can't wait for Todd to join full time on February 1st.  Please join us in welcoming Dr. Lemchen and Todd to the team.  

Development Update

For the last month or so, we've been hard at work enhancing EasyRx 3D to support cropping and adding bases to STL files.   We should have these enhancements ready to go in February.   Here is a little sneak peak some of the new features

Screen-shot of STL cropped with a base added via EasyRx3D

Screen-shot of STL file with hollow base added via EasyRx 3D
We hope to have this ready to go by end of Feb. We'll have complete documentation and videos ready when these changes are released next month

We did post a few changes to the Indirect Bonding Prescription Rx:
-We moved the Bonding Type Selection about the Tooth Chart, to improve the workflow.  We've also changed it to a radial button.

-We fixed an issue where the pop-up to choose bracket types/ tube types would be cut off on the left and right of the monitor. 
-We implemented a rule where brackets can't be placed teeth with buccal tubes placed.

EasyRx EasyVid Learning Series
We announced last month the EasyRx EasyVid Learning Series. EasyVids are short videos on using EasyRx. EasyVids are perfect for new customers and new users of EasyRx. Khashi is the voice of EasyRx and working dilligently to expand the library every week.     

Visit the library here:  
EasyRx EasyVids

New EasyRx Connected Labs!
EasyRx welcomes 3 new labs that signed up to accept cases via EasyRx! 



Cottonwood Lab

APO Orthodontic and Dental Lab

We are proud to announce we have 42  labs now accepting cases via EasyRx. You can see them showcased on our EasyRx Connected Labs page.

University program using EasyRx!

EasyRx is proudly used at 4 orthodontic programs:

images Proudly used at Tufts University
us-university-of-washington-school-of-dentistry mn

We'd love to see EasyRx running at more programs!  We offer a very attractive EDU program where universities and schools with Ortho programs can receive a EasyRx Premium monthly subscription at no charge.  If you'd like us to demo to EasyRx to your alma mater or a program you think will benefit from this, please reach out to Khashi, EasyRx Business Development Coordinator at 1-888-340-3751 x700 or email at  

Checkout our cool webpage, EasyRx EDU, where you can learn more about the EDU program.

New Parts added January 2017
Halterman Extenstion 

Hybrid Cross Spring (combination of anterior finger spring and criss-cross spring)

Transpalatal Arch w/Offest - We've added more mobility to the TPA  - Bands can now be placed on different teeth on opposite sides of arch

TADs can now be placed in space on the prescription and a wire is available to drag the to appliance framework:

Thanks so much for reviewing the What's New January 2017 KB article.   We really appreciate it.   

As always, please contact us with any questions or comments.

The EasyRx Team


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