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How do I unsubmit a case to my lab?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:23AM EDT
EasyRx includes a handy feature called "Unsubmit" that will allow you to, well, unsubmit a case you've already submitted to your lab. 

This feature comes in handy for things like: Patient found their appliance and no longer needs the rx, you accidently submitted the case before it was done, you need to add in an iTero Case ID number to auto-attach to the case. 

You can find the "unsubmit" button when viewing a case in your EasyRx practice account. 

It is very important to note, you will not be able to unsubmit a case if it is already shown as "Checked-In" by your lab. Cases that are checked-in usually mean that the lab is actively processing the case. You will need to call or advise the lab you need to cancel the Rx. It's the lab's discretion if they will still charge / invoice you for the appliance. 

When you unsubmit a case, it will instantly pull it into your [Saved] category in your dashboard page. Allowing you to re-edit / modify the rx, attach or remove files, or even delete the Rx all together. 

Here is an example of an Rx we unsubmitted - notice the status of the case no longer shows as Submitted. Unsubmitted cases will be shown in your [Saved] tab on your EasyRx Dashboard. 

Important FAQ

I forgot to attach a file to the Rx, do I have to unsubmit it first?
If your office needs to use the iTero Integration to type in the iTero Case ID, then yes. If you want to / need to manually uploaded a file to the Rx, you do NOT need to unsubmit. If you [View] the Rx you've submitted, there will be a blue link under [Model Source] that says "Upload a Digital Scan". You can pull this up, then choose ...Files from your Computer to upload any file you like into the Rx. The labs typically have a notification setup to let them know a new scan or file has been added to the case. 

Our iTero integration will only auto-attach STL files if the case has not yet been submitted. If you cannot unsubmit the case and need to send an iTero scan over, we recommend manually exporting the STL file from your MyAlign website and uploading it into the EasyRx prescription using the information one-paragraph above. We have a guide for manually exporting iTero scans here!

Does the lab know when I unsubmit a case? The lab has the ability to setup notifications to alert them if a case is unsubmitted. Likewise they will also know when a new case is submitted to them. Most labs have this setup however if you receive a call from your lab about the case, please advise you had to unsubmit the case. You can ask them to call us at 1-888-340-3751 to help configure an unsubmit notification so they can be in-the-know when cases are unsubmitted.

I'm on the Per-Script plan, the plan states I'm charged per Rx I submit. How does this work if I unsubmit a case? Awesome question - we are happy to advise that each Rx you 'create' has a unique Prescription ID number. We bill based on that Prescription ID number, so if you unsubmit an Rx then submit the same one, that only counts as 1 Submitted Rx, thus you are only charged for 1 Rx. 
As a best practice, we always advise not to rush or skip over important details on the rx to avoid unsubmitting cases. This may bog down your lab if done frequently. 

I need some additional help or have other questions? 
You got it-- give us a call at 1-888-340-3751 between 8am - 5pm ET Monday through Friday. You can also email us at

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