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Configuring 3D Resin Models, Aligner Rxs, Indirect Bonding Rxs, and Digital Study Model options

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017 09:59AM EDT
For Practice Premium Accounts that have an In-House Lab 

This guide can also be used for all EasyRx Lab Accounts -- labs can access these options in the [configure] tab at the top of their dashboard.

Here we will quickly cover how you can setup options that your In-House lab offers. Specifically, we will cover the following:

Configuring 3D printed resin model requests
Digital Study Model requests
Indirect Bonding Rx options
Aligner Rx options

When you / an EasyRx Practice Account are creating a prescription, you have the option to select a tab called [Models]. This tab is where you will tell the lab what Printed Model, Digital Study Model, Work Model pour services that need to be included with your case. There will be drop-down menu options of those fields.

Depending on the lab you are submitting to, there will be different drop-down options available based on the lab's offerings. Here you can configure what options you will be able to choose from when the receiving lab is your In-House lab. By default, you will not see any dropdown choices under [3D Printed Resin Model] or under [Digital Study Model] unless you have configured them.

Additionally, you can configure what Aligner and Indirect Bonding choices your In-house lab offers. Your prescription workspace has a special tab to accommodate these two types of cases as shown below. 

When you select either tab, a new interface will show to help you configure that prescription type. 

For Aligners, you will have the option to customize what information can be filled out (which we will explore a little later). You have the option to list what Aligner Types your In-house lab offers as drop-down choices. For example, if your In-House lab does Clear Aligners, you can list Clear Aligners as one of the drop down options. If you do other materials/options, you can list those as well. 

That way when the doctor or clinician is using the Aligners form, they can choose the correct materials that are currently available In-house.

Note: The Post Treatment dropdowns cannot be configured for the in house lab. They will only show drop-down choices if you are submitting to a commercial lab that offers Post Treatment services. 

How to configure choices for the In-House lab:
You can configure these options by being logged in as your EasyRx administrator account, then access the Account Settings option from the top-right of the dashboard. You will see a tab called [In House-Lab] to click on.

Configuring Printed Resin Models:
Click on Printed Resin Models to list what 3D printed services your in-house lab provides. 

Here you will designate dropdown choice that will show on your [Models] tab when on the Prescription Workspace for submitting to your In-House lab. 

You can click on [Create new 3D printed Resin Model to add a choice. 

Once you've created a 3D printed resin model option, you will see those options on your Prescription Workspace when creating an Rx to send to your In-House lab. They can be found in your [Models] tab as shown below. When you select a 3D printed model, your In-House lab will see that request tied into the case instead of manually needing to type a comment or text annotation telling them you need a printed model. 

Configuring Digital Study Models:
The steps are very similar to setting up 3D printed model options. Go to [Account settings] and click on [Digital study models] 

Click on [Create New Digital Study Model] 

Once you create your Digital Study Model option, you will then be able to choose one of those services in your [Models] tab on the Prescription Workspace. These choices will only show when submitting to your In-House lab. 

Configuring Aligners:
Go to [Account settings] and click on [Aligners] 

You can click on [Create New Aligner Type] to start listing available dropdown options.

Once you've created an Aligner Type, they will be listed on your [Aligners] tab when on the Prescription Workspace! You will be able to select any of the Aligner Types you've created so your lab knows what material to choose for the Aligner case. 

On your Aligners Configuration, you will notice there are also various Check Boxes you can check/uncheck. You can uncheck any options that you do not want to show when filling out an Aligner Rx. Be sure to click [Save] when you make any changes on this page.

Configuring Indirect Bonding:
If your in-house lab processes Indirect Bonding Cases, you will want to configure options here that will show up on your [Indirect Bonding] form on the Prescription Workspace. 

Click on [Indirect Bonding] in your [Account Settings] to start configuring. 

Here is how the Settings will appear when you are using the [Indirect Bonding] form on the Prescription Workspace. 

The settings you list on your Indirect Bonding settings will be shown as dropdown options here so your In-House lab can correctly design your case based on the options you've assigned!

I need help setting this up - can EasyRx help? 

Yes! We can help walk you through the configuration process. Give us a call at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at

I do not do any Aligner or Indirect Bonding cases in-house, do I still need to set this up?
No not at all, if you are submitting to an outside (commercial lab) these dropdowns should already be configured based on the lab's offerings. 

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