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Configuring your Aligner Prescription form

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017 12:56PM EST
In EasyRx, labs have the ability to customize / configure your Aligner options. Practices have access to a nifty Aligner Rx form that they can use to designate their Aligner treatment to your lab. 

Here is a glimpse of the form that the practice uses:

Your practices using EasyRx will rely on you having the appropriate dropdown options added for the following fields:

Aligner Types (for Upper, Lower, and Both)
Post Treatment (for Upper and Lower).

Please log into your EasyRx Lab account and go under [Configure] -> [Aligners]

Once on the Aligners configuration page, you will see a list of current Aligner options (if previously setup by your lab) along with numerous settings you can edit. Let's look at the first part of the page which is setting your Aligner Types and Post-Treatment options

You will want to [Create New Aligner Type] so that your customers will have options to choose from in their Aligner Type fields. Here are the various fields and what they stand for:

[Name] This is the name of the material or Aligner product. Your customer will see this on their dropdown of available Aligner Types on their Aligners form in EasyRx
[Arch] If you designate Single, this option is for either the Upper OR Lower arches. This is usually if the aligner is being use for only 1 arch. If you designate Double, this means the practice can choose this for both arches. Please note that if your lab's pricing is different, this is a great opportunity to differentiate pricing base on if it's a single arch application or double (both). 
[Price] We encourage you to list the pricing for the aligner. Some labs may offer a better price if the aligner is Arch field is double (both upper and lower) vs if its a single arch. See example picture above.This allows the practice to see your Aligner pricing up front so that they can charge their patient accordingly. Practices in our experience love this. 
[Status] You can mark this Aligner Type as Active or Inactive. You will want to mark as Inactive if you discontinue that Aligner Type (E.g. your lab stops carrying Clear Aligners). Inactive settings cannot be see or chosen by your customers. Marking a setting as Inactive is essentially like removing it. 

The second part you will see is the area to [Create and edit Post Treatment] options:

Here you will create post treatment retention options that will be available as dropdown choices to your customers on their Aligners Rx form.


There are 3 fields you can designate:
[Name] This is the option or name of the Post Treatment. Usually this is what retainer options you will provide as part of the Aligner prescription. 
[Price] Set the price the user pays for this Post Treatment. 
[Status] Choose an option as Active which will allow your customers to see/select the dropdown for this post treatment. Marking it as Inactive should be used if you discontinue the Post Treatment, treat this like removing the Post Treatment option so your customers cannot see/select it. 

Once you setup Post Treatment options, there are some other options to further customize your customer's Aligner Rx form experience.

You can check or uncheck certain functions that will be available on your customer's Aligner Rx form. You also have the option to upload a custom logo that will appear on your customers Aligner Rx form at the top. This is super handy if your lab offers a special or branded Aligner system.

If you have any questions or need help configuring this, please reach out to us at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at

How does my lab send a file or treatment simulation for the doctor to approve?

Your lab has the ability to upload a file to any case you've receive in EasyRx from your practice.
We recommend going to [Edit] a prescription, go under [Uploads] and add the file(s) for the doctor to review. Once you've done this, click the [Send notification] icon (it looks like an Envelope button) to notify the doctor of the files awaiting their review and also to require a sign-off (approval) on the treatment. You can learn more on how to send a notification here.

We would like some help setting up these options
No problem! Give us a buzz at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at We are happy to help.

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