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Configuring your Indirect Bonding Prescription (IDB) form

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017 12:56PM EST
As of Nov 2016, we've revamped our Indirect Bonding (IDB) Prescription form! Your lab has the ability to configure options that will be available for your EasyRx Practice users when creating an IDB case. 

Here is the new form your customers will see when putting together their indirect bonding prescription: 

This new form includes more detail to satisfy your customer's Indirect Bonding Prescription requirements. We encourage you to go under [Configure] -> [Indirect Bonding] to setup and detail what options are available as part of your Lab's IDB service. Types of Transfer Trays, Archwire sizes, etc. that your customers can choose from.

The Settings page for your IDB shows you current dropdown options that your customers can assign.

You can create dropdown options for your customer's IDB form by clicking [Create New Settings]

Here are the field names and what they stand for:

[Setting Name] which is essentially the name of option the customer can choose. For Archwires, this would be the size/name of the archwire. For Transfer Tray, this is the name of the material for the tray, and so forth. 
[Setting ID] is an internal designation that only your can see. This comes in handy if you want to put an identifier such as a bracket or wire ID that tells your lab which exact product to use. 
[Setting Type] This is the field that the [Setting Name] will appear under. There are four Setting Types: Archwire, Bracket Type, Transfer Tray, and Prescription. If you choose Archwire, for example as the Setting Type, you would want to name the [Setting Name] something like .030 Nickle. If you choose Transfer Tray as the setting type, the [Setting Name] should be Silicone or whatever material you offer. 
[Status] You can mark a setting as Active or Inactive. You will want to mark a setting as Inactive if you discontinue that option (E.g. your lab stops carrying xxx archwire). Inactive settings cannot be picked by your customers. Marking a setting as Inactive is essentially like removing it as an option.

There is also an area to define Left and Right Buccal Tubes to assign options as well as pricing. 

I need extra help with configuring this

No problem, call us at 1-888-340-3751 or email us at

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