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Creating an Aligner Prescription

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:21AM EDT
The Prescription Workspace includes a nifty Aligners Rx form that you can use to designate Aligner Treatments for your patients! You can access this form by [Create Rx] from your Dashboard or from a Patient Record. Then once you land on the Prescription Workspace, choose the [Aligners] tab below the canvas as shown below.

Use this form to create your Aligner Cases to submit to your preferred lab in EasyRx. There are dropdowns on certain fields of this form that are configured by your receiving Lab.

These are:
-Aligner Types (for Upper, Lower, and Both)
-Post Treatment (for Upper and Lower).

The dropdown options you will see here will be based on whatever options the lab your are submitting to offers. For example, Lab A may have 2 or 3 types of Aligners they offer (Silicone, Clear, etc) whereas if you are submitting to Lab B, they have something different. If you select these dropdowns and see no options, your lab will need to configure these options. Please call your preferred lab to verify if they accept Aligner cases and if so, to have them setup these dropdown options you need in EasyRx.

In the meantime, if no dropdowns are available under Aligner Types, you can still fill out the form and under "Additional Notes" you can let the lab know the Aligners you need E.G. "Please use Simpli5 aligners for upper and lower".

When you fill out this form, your Canvas in the Prescription Workspace will reflect the appropriate drawing. You can then go through and add any Comments then Proceed to checkout! 


I do not see the options that my lab normally offers, what do I do?

Call your lab and let them know to configure the options you need, or call us at EasyRx at 1-888-340-3751 and we will work with your lab to help set it up. Simple!

My in-house lab usually does our Aligner cases, is this form compatible with our account? 
Yes! Please note that you will need to be on our Practice Premium account to access the In-House Lab module. You can configure your Aligner Options by going into Account Settings -> Aligners. If you need extra help or need to walkthrough it, give us a buzz at 1-888-340-3751

We normally submit our Aligner cases to Invisalign - how would that work with EasyRx?
Invisalign cases must be submitted to Invisalign via the Invisalign submissions process. However, we have some customers that will create an Aligners case in EasyRx and submit it to the in-house lab for tracking purposes. For example, when you get your case back from Invisalign, you can find the Aligner case in EasyRx and mark that you've receive it back and mark when it's delivered to your patient. Making a case and submitting it to your In-House lab is a great way to at least create an appliance record for your patient in EasyRx as well as track receiving and delivering it to the patient!

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