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TRIOS Integration - Enabling and using the 3Shape TRIOS / EasyRx integration

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2017 12:53PM EST
EasyRx now integrates with the the 3Shape / Trios scanner. The integration will allow your practice to attach your TRIOS scans as STL files directly to the EasyRx Rx as well as use EasyRx 3D  to view the STL files. This guide will be to help you, as the practice, enable the integration and understand how it works. We also have a few FAQ questions at the end of the article to address any questions.

Important notes you need to know before getting started:
  • The integration works with all EasyRx Practice plans: Per-Script, Standard, and Premium!
  • The lab you plan on submitting your 3Shape scans to must be listed on the 3Shape Communicate portal and must have the 3Shape integration enabled on their EasyRx Lab account. 
  • You are able to submit the scans to your In-House lab if you are an EasyRx Premium Practice user.
  • Your TRIOS scans must be submitted to your lab through the 3Shape communicate portal first before you are able to use them to create an Rx.

Important notes on managing STL files attached via the integration.
  • 3Shape / TRIOS scans sent as part of an EasyRx prescriptions are not permitted to be downloaded directly onto your computer, they also cannot be shared with the "Share with a Colleague" feature, and cannot be scrubbed using our EasyRx STL File scrubbing feature.
  • 3Shape / TRIOS scans can still be manually be exported as STL files if your practice has a license of 3Shape's OrthoAnalyzer software
  • You cannot change the receiving lab when creating an Rx that is connected with the 3Shape scan using this integration.

3Shape has encouraged customers like yourself to reach out to them regarding any of the above information to give your feedback or to request other functionality.

You can contact 3Shape directly at +1-908-867-0144.

Lets get started and enable the integration!
1. Login to your Practice's EasyRx Account

2. Click the username dropdown at the top-right of your Dashboard page and select [Account Settings]

3. On the Account Settings page, scroll down and click the [IntraOral Scanners] menu option

4. Next, click the [Enable 3Shape] button under the Set 3Shape Communicate Access. Once you click [Enable 3Shape], it will redirect you to the 3Shape Communicate portal. You will need to type your email and password used to log into the 3Shape Communicate portal then click Log In. 

If you enter the correct credentials, it will bring you back to the IntraOral Scanners page with a message stating that authorization is complete.

Note: If you change or reset your 3Shape Communicate credentials, it will auto-update in EasyRx. Keeping it sweet and simple! 

You've configured the integration! EasyRx now will have the ability to pull in your scan data from the 3Shape Communicate portal to create an Rx and/or view the scan data within EasyRx!

How does the integration work?
Your lab must first have the 3Shape integration enabled on their EasyRx account. You can also just give EasyRx a buzz and we'll reach out to your lab to enable it. 1-888-340-3751. It's super simple process for the lab and takes about 30 seconds. You can also call them directly and ask them to enable the integration should you please.

When you are done scanning a patient on their TRIOS scanner, you will be able to access a special tab called [Recent Scans] on your EasyRx dashboard. 

Note: Your practice will have access to the scans in EasyRx usually in 15 minutes or less after submitting the scan on your TRIOS scanner. There is a small delay between when the scan is sent and when EasyRx fetches the data. This is normal.

Once on the [Recent Scans] tab, you will see TRIOS scans taken within the last 14 days. You have the option to [Preview] the scan, or [Create Rx].

[Preview] will show you a still image of the upper/lower scans. This is a great way to verify scans look complete before creating the Rx. 

[Create Rx] will allow you to select your preferred commercial lab or in-house lab (if applicable) from a dropdown and connect the rx with an existing patient in EasyRx or to create a new patient. If the patient you are taking the scan for has had a previous Rx(s) made in EasyRx, you will want to connect them with their existing EasyRx record. Otherwise, create a new patient.


Note: You can only submit your scan to the lab you chose on your 3Shape scan or to your in-house lab (if applicable)

Once you are on the Prescription Workspace,  create the appliance needed for the patient. You can also use the [Upload] tab to add any additional files you'd like the lab to receive. The [Upload Tab] should contain the files from your 3Shape scan. Once you submit the case, you should also see the files when you [View] the Rx.

You can also use the 3D preview feature to view the models in our EasyRx 3D Viewer and also view the images directly in EasyRx. USTL File Scrubbing and STL download is not available with the TRIOS integration.  It's recommended that you use your 3Shape OrthoAnalyzer software to download the STL files from the 3Shape communicate portal. See the FAQ below to access the tutorial for this.


It gives me an error message when I go to Create Rx next to a patient name from the TRIOS - Recent Scans Tab:

This can happen for a few reasons - you did not submit the scan on your TRIOS scanner to a lab, the lab you submitted your scans to is not registered with TRIOS to accept TRIOS scans, the lab you submitted your scan to is registered as a TRIOS lab but has not enabled the TRIOS integration in their EasyRx account.

This can also happen if you submitted the scan on your TRIOS machine to your In-House lab. This is a known issue and we are working on a way to resolve it.

Why can I not download the files from 3Shape scans from EasyRx and save them on my computer?
3Shape does not allow the STL file to be downloaded because the TRIOS digital impression data has been shared with via 3Shape Communicate. You can access 3Shape Communicate to download the full size, color impression data needed for this prescription. 
Is there a way I can download the STL file? 
Yes, we have a guide for this already you can check out here. It requires use of the 3Shape OrthoAnalyzer software. If your practice does not have a license of this installed, you can ask your lab to use OrthoAnalyzer to export the files then attach them to the EasyRx case manually. In our experience, it's pretty easy. Files manually attached to a case are downloadable by the lab and can be scrubbed. If you need assistance, call our EasyRx Business Development Coordinator, Khashi Rahmani at 1-888-340-3751 x700 to further help you on how to do this. 

I cannot find my preferred lab in the dropdown menu when creating an Rx from the scan?
This is usually a simple fix, make sure that you submitted the scan to your lab on your 3Shape Communicate portal. It may take up to 15 minutes for the 3Shape scans to fetch over into your EasyRx [Trios - Recent Scans] tab. If after 15 minutes you still cannot see your scans, odds are they may have not submitted it or potentially sent it to another lab. If that is not the case, call us at 1-888-340-3751 and we'll help you.

I have another question regarding this integration, my practice account, or my lab has questions about this integration. Who can I reach out to?
No problem, give us a buzz at 1-888-340-3751 and we'll help you anyway we can. You can also email us at

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