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How to use the STL File Scrubber feature

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 01:07PM EDT
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Both labs and practice accounts have access to our super cool STL File Scrubber feature. It is a feature that helps repair and clean STL / Digital Models that are attached to any given prescription. The STL file scrubber is an automatic tool that looks for voids and other minor issues that may be present inside of an STL file. Repairs are done using OrthoCAD that runs behind-the-scenes in EasyRx's servers!

To be more specific, STL File Scrubber will help address:
  • Self Intersects - where to lines meet and overlap
  • Voids - small holes or missing areas (large or significant holes/voids are typically not addressed, for example if half the arch is missing)
  • Degenerate Faces -  face with two vertex indices that are identical, and therefore no geometric area
How to use the STL File Scrubber:
Edit an existing prescription or create a new one. On the Prescription Workspace, click the [Uploads] tab and either upload one or more STL files. 
After your files are uploaded, click the Magic Wand emblem on the right-hand side of the respective file.

A pop-up window will appear advising you that the scrubbing process may take a few minutes and that it will automatically appear when completed. It could take longer if the file is considerably large or has more repairs done to it. Don't worry, if you have other work to do, you can navigate away from the page and work on something else while we are doing the scrubbing. You can come back and the scrubbed file should be attached. 
When the file is done being scrubbed, EasyRx will automatically attach a file with the same name that includes the term 'scrubbed' in the file name. Scrubbed files will also have a distinct icon that has a dashed white circle around it.

(optional) You then have the option to view the new file in our EasyRx 3D viewer to see the magic! You can do this directly by clicking the box icon in the toolbar of your Prescription Workspace.

You have the option of deleting the original file off the prescription by click the [X] icon next to the file. That way your lab only receives the 'scrubbed' model to quickly and efficiently get your Rx ready at their lab. 

Helpful Hint: As a best practice, your office should always emphasize taking accurate and careful scans of your patient's teeth. The STL File Scrubber is very nifty but shouldn't be a replacement for inaccurate or messy scans. 

Not all STL files need to be scrubbed. We give all labs using EasyRx the option to likewise scrub any attached STL files and re-attach a scrubbed model back into the Rx.

What are the benefits of the STL File Scrubber?

For Practices:
  • These helps reduce the need to re-scan the patient.
  • Decrease likelihood of using 3D model repair software that can be time consuming
  • Prevent delays with processing the Rx by providing your lab a cleaner, more feasible digital model
For Labs:
  • Reduce the need to call or contact the practice to request a new scan
  • Auto-repair STL models that may not have been done so by the practices
  • For those using 3D printers, the ability to print a cleaner and less erroneous study model

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