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A Step-By-Step guide on using EasyRx for your EasyRx Lab!

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017 12:16PM EDT
Welcome to EasyRx - We have put together this guide to getting started for new EasyRx Lab customers such as yourself. We know you are eager to start getting productive - these are the first steps to getting yourself acclimated with your new account. This article will cover information for all Connected Lab (formerly known as Per-Script Lab)  accounts only. If you have another plan type, stay tuned while we are developing further content. In the meantime, you can email us at or call us at 1-888-340-3751 with questions.

Before you get started, it's important to know the architecture of EasyRx- it is a cloud-based platform meaning you can access your account from virtually anywhere, from any device, at any time. We only require you have an internet connection, and one of the latest browsers of FireFox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. As an EasyRx lab, by default, you are listed on our "EasyRx Connected Labs" list. This is a list of labs that all practices using EasyRx will be able to see when logged into their EasyRx account then afterwards click our [Labs] page. From the labs page, they are able to see your lab as a choice on the list, then request to connect with your lab in order to submit Rx's to you.

Important configuration details to keep in mind:

Your EasyRx "Connected" lab account comes with some handy features and options - here are a few notable mentions - we will cover most of these in future support articles but just so you know they exist: If you would like to self-explore these options, you may do so in the [Configuration] menu bar shown below

How to get started:
You likely joined EasyRx because you have one or more practices that want to send you EasyRx prescriptions. The first step is to let you practice(s) know that you officially have your EasyRx Lab account! The practice(s) will simply need to login to their EasyRx account, choose the [Labs] menu button, find your lab on the list of EasyRx Powered Labs, then request to [Connect to this lab]. 
Once a practice has requested to connect with your lab, you will have a notification on your EasyRx dashboard (home page after you login) showing a Connection Request from your practice(s). This is what you should see - be sure to click [approve]:

Nice! You now have officially connected with your practice and you are ready to receive prescriptions! 

Next - Getting your first Rx
Now that you are a connected lab, your practices can choose your lab when assigning a lab to submit their prescriptions. Your dashboard will show you a list of Submitted Prescriptions. As prescriptions come in, they will stack on top of one another in the rows shown below. You will notice there will be some prescriptions that are highlighted in green, others plain white (not highlighted).

  • Green Highlights: The Rx has a digital model or has an iTero Case Order ID assigned. You shouldn't expect a physical impression or model to be sent to your lab. There may be STL (3D) files attached that your practice wants you to reference inside of the Rx or in the patient's file. 
  • White (non highlighted): The Rx may be coming with a physical impression or model that is being shipped to your lab. The practice may have also specified an "Other" source. Please view the prescription to see where the model source needs to be obtained from.  
When a practice sends you an Rx, it is important to know that they have a nifty Workflow Tracker that shows them the status of the prescription. You, as the lab, also have access to see what your Practices see on this workflow. When a practice first submits an Rx, it will show as [Submitted] as seen below. You may view the current workflow of a case by clicking [View] next to the appropriate Rx on your dashboard.

Important Note:
As a lab, you will also have the ability to see your Practice's prescriptions if they are currently in their [Saved] section, before they are submitted to you. This happens when a practice starts creating a prescription, chooses your lab as the lab they will be submitting to, and either saves the prescription or needs to come back to finish it. They get pulled into the practices [Saved] Rx's queue. Prescriptions that are in the practices [Saved] queue will show on your [Prescriptions] page. You will know these are not yet submitted because the workflow tracker will not show as Submitted yet.

This is intentional behavior because there may be times the practice will need the labs guidance on properly configuring an Rx before they submit, allowing for collaboration. As a lab, you should focus on the Rx's that exist on your dashboard as those are ones that have been physically submitted for processing.

My [Tags] on my dashboard show multiple prescriptions that I have yet to receive - what's going on?

Please know that currently, tags will appear for all prescriptions that your practice has assigned tags to, these include Rx's that are in the practice [Saved] queue that have not been submitted to your lab. We like to give labs a head's up as to what tags practices have assigned to Rx's before they are sent in. A good example is if the practice has 5 saved prescriptions that will be submitted as "Urgent", you as the lab have forward visibility to prepare for them!

Recommended workflow: Once you receive your first case, you should first [View] it to ensure you can verify what it is your lab needs to process and that you are able access any digital models/files included in the Rx.
Be sure to check for Comments. If the case has a "Tag" attached to it, you may read more about what tags are on how they work here. If the practice shows to use the digital model on file, you can access that from the side bar in the [Patient File]. 

Hold On! The Rx doesn't look right or there is an issue or there are file(s) / information missing:
We welcome you to use your awesome [Send notification] feature using your EasyRx account. Check it out here by reading our fantastic tutorial. This will help eliminate back and forth phone calls to your lab to make sure everyone is on the same page! All your communication is saved on our servers to help secure any data such as comments. 

You as the lab also have the ability to Edit the Rx-- includes modifying the drawing, uploading files to share with the practice, adding annotations, and more. There is an [edit rx] button you can click to modify the prescription. We encourage you to collaborate with the practice to let them know you are making changes. This helps with situations like the doctor forgot to add a clasp or needs to change the positioning of the appliance after it's been submitted--avoid the need for the doctor to submit another Rx for the same patient/appliance. Be sure to use the [Send notification] feature for things like needing to make major changes, letting the practice review files (like digital treatment setups!) and approve them, and more. This creates a digital paper trail between you and the practice for all things needed to get the case through production!

Rx Looks good - How to start processing:

There are two options on how you can start processing the Rx

Option 1 [Recommended!]
On the dashboard page, click the [Check-In] button to view the case. You can also first [View] the Rx then click [Check-in] on the following screen to the left. 

Here is where to check-in from the main dashboard

Here is the check-in button when viewing an Rx

This will then open the Rx to show you the drawing, view any attached files, and even print a PDF copy to give to your lab techs if needed. This will automatically update the case tracker to Checked-In notifying your practice that you are officially working on their prescription.

Note--- when you [Check in] a case, the practice that submitted the case will no longer have the ability unsubmit the case. To learn more about how practices can unsubmit cases, read here. 

Option 2
Go back to your dashboard and select the Download side bar, select the check box next to the appropriate Rx, and then select the [Download] button. This will download your Rx as a ZIP file with an enclosed PDF and any attached files from your practice. Hitting the [Download] button for an Rx will automatically update the status of the Rx to [Checked-In] in the workflow tracker!  ---Showing the practice that you are currently processing their order. We help keep your practices in-the-know!

Here's what the workflow bar looks like after you click [Download] or you click [Check-in]

Next, if you chose option 2, you can open the downloaded ZIP file to access the PDF Rx and pass it to your lab tech(s) for creation of the requested appliance. The PDF may also be printed out and included in any bin your lab may have.

If you chose option 1, proceed to have your lab techs make the appliance / Rx. 

Once the Rx has been completed by your lab tech(s)
Go back into [View] the prescription, then select the [Ship Rx] icon on the left action bar. It will ask you for a tracking number. We highly recommend adding in a tracking# as practice will be able to instantly access them from their EasyRx account-- Helping alleviate phone calls to your lab asking you where the package is in transit. Adding a tracking number is not required, so it can be left blank.

EasyRx currently supports an in-browser tracker if it is a USPS or UPS tracking number. You may use any tracking number you like. If it is Fedex or any other courier number, please know the practice would simply need to access the appropriate courier's website to manually track it using the number you provide. 

After you click [save] on the [Ship Rx] button, your workflow bar will automatically move to [Shipped] and it will include the date you marked it at such.

Why did it skip over [Completed] section in the workflow bar? We reserve this additional workflow capability along with other cool features like Invoicing practices and Production lab capabilities for our other Lab Plans. You can explore all the features available for our paid plans here! 

Plans like our Lab Premium and Lab Enterprise plans also are able to Check-in and Check-Out Rx's while recording their specific dates to hone a more intuitive workflow. If you'd like to explore the possibility of upgrading, call us at 1-888-340-3751 x705

And that's it! Your practice can now view the status of your shipped case, along with any tracking #s at their leisure from their practice EasyRx account.

Final notes:
You practices can rate your completed appliance by using our [Prescription Feedback] feature which you, as a lab, have access to review! Check it out here. If your practice forgets to leave feedback, we encourage you to let them know to use this feature. 

Questions? Comments? Please email us at or call us at 1-888-340-3751

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