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Prescription Feedback feature for Practices: How it works and important information

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2016 04:04PM EDT
In January 2016, we implemented a groovy feature called Prescription Feedback. The goal of this feature is to give practices the power to provide feedback to their lab(s) regarding a finished prescription appliance by rating different attributes related to the prescription as well as the ability to leave a personalized comment. Think of how on eBay you are able to leave ratings / feedback for sellers and buyers, this is the EasyRx equivalent for prescriptions!

Here we will discuss where you can access the feedback page, how to leave feedback, and important information you should follow when using this feature. 

A couple general notes:
  • All EasyRx Practice and Lab plans have access to the Prescription Feedback feature as well as filtering options
  • Practices can leave feedback to both commercial labs and in-house labs

Where can I access the prescription feedback form? 
Practices can access prescription feedback from a two different areas within EasyRx.

Option 1-
Step 1 -When viewing any submitted Rx from the dashboard

Step 2 - Then select [Prescription Feedback] from the left Action bar. If you have already left feedback for a prescription, there will be a green checkmark next to the [Prescription Feedback] button. You may still click [Prescription Feedback] to view your existing feedback and ratings or to leave feedback if you haven't already done so.

Option 2
Step 1 - On your [Dashboard] page, select the [Awaiting Feedback] menu option. 

This page displays all EasyRx submitted cases that have not yet been provided feedback. Use the search and filter options to find specific cases if needed.

Step 2 - Click [View] on the appropriate prescription then [Prescription Feedback] to access the feedback page. 

Important note: 
You are able to leave feedback on ANY prescription that has already been submitted to the lab. Prescription feedback cannot be left on a [Saved] prescription that has not yet been submitted.

Now that you've located the feedback page - you should know how the rating system works
The rating system consists of 4 core attributes as defined below

Fit- The adaptation of the wires/acrylic/clasps to the mouth, as well as the retention of the appliance when placed in the mouth. 
Finish- Polish of the acrylic, trimming of the aligner material, smoothed and polished soldier joints
Accuracy- How the appliance design followed what was requested in the Rx
Timely- The device/appliance arrived when requested or before

The Feedback form uses the traditional 5 star rating system, except we've replaced the stars with emoticons. 
The emoticons are:
  • Full Frown - very unhappy
  • Frown - unhappy 
  • Meh - average
  • Smiley - happy 
  • Full smiley - very happy 
A score is assigned to each item, just like the traditional 5 star rating system:
  • Full Frown - 1 point
  • Frown - 2 points
  • Meh - 3 points
  • Smiley - 4 points 
  • Full smiley - 5 points

  • You can rate in full emoticons and half emoticons; meaning you can choose a 1/2 smiley or a full smiley.  
  • An average of the 4 categories is calculated to provide overall feedback. 
  • Anoverall emoticon is automatically displayed.  To determine the overall emoticon, we round to the nearest whole number and display the emoticon associated with that whole number, where the full frown emoticon is 1, half frown emoticon is 2, and so on. For example, a overall average of 4.5 is rounded to 5 and the full smiley emoticon is displayed. 
At the bottom of Prescription Feedback form we also include a [Comments] field. We encourage you to leave constructive comments that the lab can use to improve their service, or if the lab did an excellent job, praise areas that you thoroughly enjoyed. Your comments will help the lab improve, and great feedback will encourage labs to keep up their excellent service which ultimately will improve your patient's experience!   
We ask that you use your best judgement when leaving comments so please do not leave derogatory, profane, or inappropriate remarks. We also ask that your comment directly reflect the prescription being address. Should you have any unrelated comments or urgent issues, please contact the lab handling the prescription and do not use the comment section. You may always come back to a prescription to leave feedback, it should always be a best practice to leave feedback once you've finished applying / installing the appliance for your patient. That way the feedback is fresh and can be accurately detailed.

When you finish fill the rating attributes and leave an optional comment, click the green [Post] button to submit your feedback.  We'll alert the lab with an email when Feedback is submitted.

Finally, once Feedback is posted for a prescription, you cannot edit or change it. 

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