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My Plan's GB allocation: What in EasyRx counts toward my file storage?

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2016 03:25PM EST
When you signed up for an EasyRx practice account, your plan provides you with a set amount of server storage you can use. Currently the options and allocations are as such:

EasyRx Practice accounts:
  • Per-Script - 5 GB (Gigabytes)
  • Standard -  15 GB
  • Premium - 100
These allocations are mainly designated for the files you store in your EasyRx account. This includes any .STL, .PDF, Word or any file that you physically upload to a prescription or a patient file. The number of Rx's you create are not currently counted toward your storage limits.

A couple examples:
If you have 100 Rx's you've created, but none have files attached to them, your allocation would be at 0 GB.
Bear in mind labs do have the ability to edit your prescription by attaching models / files to them then sending them back (such as 3D verification or lab-created scans)-- these do count against your storage allotment. 

STL files have an average range of 5 MB (Megabytes) to 35 MB per scan. They can be larger or smaller depending on which scanner you are using, how complex the file is, and how much data is included in the file itself.    

Lets take the previous example and assume your add scans are 30 MB per STL. If you attach 2 STL scans to each of the 100 Rxs, your allocation would be 6 GB.  Bear in mind, this is cumulative so as you continue using EasyRx and attaching more files, your available storage will decrease.

Be mindful of very large files (normally video files/scans) or multi-model and complex STL files. As always, you can confidently store and attach your files with the peace of mind that it's secured on EasyRx's cloud-based servers. Need more storage? Either upgrade to one a Standard (15GB) or Premium (100GB) account. If this didn't answer all your concerns regarding storage, email us at 

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