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How to configure the Acrylic Color and Decal Chart for your In-house Lab

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2016 12:40PM EDT
For Practice Premium users - This should be done as part of your initial setup process. 

EasyRx Practice Premium includes the added functionality of having and managing your In-House lab through EasyRx. This includes the added ability to configure colors that you use for your acrylics and assign decals that your practice normally uses. Your EasyRx account comes with a large set of widely used colors and decals. Decals can also be priced. 

We will look at how to access these in your EasyRx account.

Begin by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your EasyRx account name, then choosing [Account Settings], followed by selecting the [Acrylic Colors]. 

You now are on the page to modify your default configuration for acrylic colors and decals. To make organizing the options easier, choices can be placed in categories. EasyRx provides a default list of categories as shown below that can be added on to, edited, and removed. At the top, above "preview colors" You can instantly scroll to the appropriate sections of this page by clicking Categories, Colors, or Decals. This will "jump" you to the respective section without needed to scroll down manually. 


Next you will want to go over all the available color options. If a color option is not used by your practice, just uncheck the [active] box. You can also re-organize the categories and even rename the color options to your specific nomenclature. See image below for additional details.

Once you review and make your preferred changes, be sure to click [Save], scroll further down to see the Decal section. Decals can be priced so that you can associate a charge if they are added to an Rx. Like the acrylic colors, the [active] box can be unchecked for decals that you do not have or do not use.

One you are done going through the available options - you will now be able to preview your color chart! Make sure to save your changes in the appropriate sections, then scroll up to the top and click "Preview Colors" You should see this--
You can now use this chart to assign colors and decals. 

Where do I use the Acrylic Chart?
To start using your new chart, either into a saved prescription that has not yet been submitted, or go ahead and create a new prescription. Once you reach the Prescription Workspace, if you select or drag a part or appliance that requires the acrylic color to be completed you will see the paint brush icon turn red, see screenshot below.

This screen shot, as an example, shows that after I selected 'Hawley w/Adams - Lower" and "Hawley w/Adams - Upper" I was promoted to select colors. 

After clicking the paintbrush icon, you will now have access to your custom acrylic color and decal chart! 
You will also see at the bottom right of the follow screenshot, you are also able to add a personalized note or request that your commercial lab or in-house lab (if applicable) will be able to see. Select the colors and/or decals you would like to use. There are [Reset] buttons included to clear out the color select if you make a mistake. Colors can be copied to lower and upper if you want to copy your set of colors to match the other. 

Make sure you click the save button and you are all set!

FAQ - I have an acrylic color or decal our practice uses that you do not have listed - can we add them?
While we try our best to ensure this default library contains as many options as possible, there will be cases where you may have a special or unique color or decal that is not listed. There is the possibility to add in a custom color or decal, we ask that you contact us at - There may be a small fee associated with additions..

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