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I See a "Pending Notification" and/or "Case Notification" on a Prescription - What is it?

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016 01:06PM EDT
Often times, your lab may want to communicate important changes, requests, or general information to you using EasyRx regarding prescriptions. We provide a robust and secure feature called "Send Notifications" for EasyRx Lab users to alert practice users like yourself of the aforementioned items.

What do labs typically use the notification feature for?
Some common items are: 
-For 3D verification for items such as Aligners, a lab will typically send you a 3D setup you can view with our EasyRx 3D
-To tell you they need to change the due date on your prescription (promised too soon than what the lab can handle) 
-Your Rx is missing digital model or impression information
-You lab wants you to review changes they may need to make to your prescription

Where can I see if I have a notification?
There are two important places to view notifications for your prescriptions.
The main area (and the place we recommend users to check) is your Rx dashboard as pictured below. It gives you
an eagle-eye view of how many Rx's you have notifications on that need your attention, from which lab, and on what date the notification came in.

The second area to view notifications is by viewing the prescription itself. See below. You can have more than 1 notification. Your Rx's keep track of the notification history as well as comments back/forth between you and the lab. This helps consolidate important message into the prescription and avoid unsecure emails or undocumented phone calls. We all love when everyone is on the same page! 

I've clicked on the notification - What's next?
See image below- The Labs have the ability to simply send you a general notification. These you can simply click a button to 'acknowledge' you received them. The lab will see that and carry on regarding whatever the message entailed. When you 'acknowledge' a notification, it will show a green text stating "Received". Newer notifications you have not responded to are marked as "Pending". In the example picture, we've acknowledged one of the two notifications. The "Pending" notification you will see is unique-- the lab, in this case, has request a doctor authorization regarding the notification. Labs can request these types of 'signature' notifications so you may approve (typically) major changes, important due dates, or mission-critical communication. Lesser important notifications typically do not require signatures--it's the Lab's discretion to decide which notification is appropriate. Each notification can have a message or comment, and you are allowed to comment back before acknowledgement. If you do not agree on what the lab is requesting, we kindly advise commenting back using the "Add a Comment" on the Rx workspace. Then you are all set!

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