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Share with Colleague feature - How does it work and when should I use it?

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2017 12:58PM EST
When editing or viewing a prescription - you will notice the "Share with a Colleague" button - This is used to send a secure email to anyone (with or without an EasyRx account) to view the prescription you have or are working on. 

When should I use this feature?
-To show a co-worker, doctor, or lab tech the prescription and all associated information with it such as the Patient Info / Prescription Details (parts, setup, etc) that may not have access to EasyRx
-To obtain a second opinion on your case
-You'd like to send an email notification to someone to view the Rx who may not have an EasyRx account
-As of October 2016, all EasyRx Connected labs (on any plan) can also use the Share with a Colleague feature. This will come in handy for labs that need to share STL files to outsource printed models or request outside services to help complete the Rx.

There are a few criteria you should be aware of before using this:
-You must know the email address(es) of those you want to see the prescription
-The recipients MUST open the email within 24 hours and can only open the link up to 5 instances in order to view the Rx properly, after 24 hours or 5 open attempts, whichever comes first, they will be locked out of viewing the Rx and you must re-submit another "Share with Colleague" request. 
-The email will be sent from "" --- if your recipients do not get the email, kindly advise them to check spam / trash / junk email folders. It typically will go into their inbox. 

Can you show me what the email you send out looks like?
See below - please note that the email / link info expires after 24 hours from when the email dispatches this is to protect patient and rx info from unauthorized users or from future access. 

What does the user see when they click the link?
See image below- the user will also have access to download any attached files to the Rx. They will NOT be able to view STL files unless they have their own viewer or if they have access to their own EasyRx account, which they would be able to use our EasyRx 3D viewer. Recipients will not be able to view any other information other than what is included in the fields below. 

Is there a more 'permanent' way to send a copy of a prescription information to others? 
Yes --- we suggest the [Download to PDF] function if you want a non-expiring copy / viewable version. This can also be printed out if needed. Be sure to be mindful to keep the PDF safely/securely stored on your computer and abide by HIPAA and/or other patient privacy compliance. 

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