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What are Tags / Tagging Rxs and how can we use them?

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017 10:20PM EST
EasyRx gives you the ability to customize and assign Tags to prescriptions. Tags can be almost any text or "indication" you want to associate with a prescription. See the example below for some common tags our users like to assign. Tags can be used to filter prescriptions. Numbers next to tags indicate how many prescriptions have the respective tag attached to it. Prescriptions can have more than 1 tag assigned.

Tags are seen on the practice AND lab side--this means:
As a Practice: Commercial (outside) labs see your tags you've attached to an Rx at the time of submission. If you, for example, have a tag called "waiting on doctor approval", once the goal of the tag is achieved (checked by doctor) be sure to remove it before submission. The lab can only see your tags if you have: Saved an Rx that has their lab listed as the receiving lab or if the Rx is submitting to their lab with a tag still assigned. Only the lab assigned to the Rx is able to see the tag, so if you deal with multiple labs they will not see your tags.

As a Commercial Lab: Your practices will see tags you use on Rxs that they submitted to you and likewise you will see their tags. This includes if you edit their prescription and add your own tag.  

Suggestions for using tags for Practices- If your practice has multiple locations or doctors, tags can assigned to show who is handling which prescription at what location. You can also tag an Rx as "Urgent",  "Needs Doctor Review" if it needs some sort of managerial or doctor approval before submission. 

Suggestions for using tags for Commercial Labs- You can assign names of lab techs as tags to indicate who is working on what prescription, if a prescription is on hold or awaiting a customer response, if it's been outsourced or being worked by another office location. This also may come in hand if you do 3D printing and want production-related tags such as "on 3D printing tray" or "in print production" 

HINT: Because all tags are searchable and are seen instantly in the main dashboard, try to assign tags that will help your workflow and alleviate confusion. Be creative, especially if you use 1 EasyRx account for multiple offices or locations with more than 1 in-house lab.  We advise you to discuss your tags with your staff so your other EasyRx account users will know how to properly tag prescriptions. To filter tags by prescriptions, simply click on any of your tags to find their associated prescriptions.

How to create or edit tags - Click on your [Home] button and find the [Tagged scripts] box. Note: this is at the very bottom of your Dashboard page, you may need to scroll down to see it.

Name your tag and choose a color --- you may also delete existing tags from this page. When you delete a tag, it removes it from any existing prescriptions it may have been assigned to previously so proceed with caution.

How to add a tag to a prescription - We recommend adding tags from the Prescription Workspace or when Viewing any prescription when its Saved or Submitted

-On the Prescription Workspace:
This can be done by editing an existing prescription that is not submitted yet, or when creating a new prescription. Use the tag icon indicated below and type the tags you would like to use. 
-On [View] page:
From your dashboard, click [View] on ANY submitted or saved Rx. On the left hand side under Actions, click Tag This Rx as shown below.

Once you've tagged a prescription, you can filter those cases by tag from your Dashboard.
On the dashboard page, scroll down and look for the Tagged Rxs box on the left-hand side of the screen.

For example, if I have a tag called "Urgent" that has been assigned to a couple Rxs. My in-house lab technician may want to run a report to see all Urgent cases. If you go to the dashboard, find the Tagged Rxs box and click on the [Urgent] tag, you will see all cases that tag is currently active on. You can see in the example below the two cases and also I have the ability to view the case, remove the tag, and even Search for a specific term to filter the results further. 

Tags can be anything! Some practices using EasyRx will create a tag like "Clear Retainers" to instantly see all cases that are prescribed Clear Retainers. Keep in mind you can have more than 1 tag on an Rx so go get your tag on!

You are all set! Happy Tagging!

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